Fun 5ks is a monthly, 5k event series with the goal to inspire a connected, global community through joy and the outdoors.

To all the past, present, and future Fun5kers: thanks for helping us #spreadthefun!

Fitting to the virtual nature of Fun5ks, Jeff and Alli met virtually as well. As Alli went deeper into her research of the PCT, she followed Jeff on instagram hoping to unlock more thru-hiking knowledge and took notice of his light-hearted take on Type 2 fun. (See some of Jeff's event outfits below)

Together, Jeff and Alli want to share the philosophy that getting outdoors is both beneficial and fun for everybody and anyone. You don't have to be an extreme athlete to have an extreme amount of fun outdoors!

Just like positive presumptions and beliefs in others are contagious, so is experiencing & witnessing genuine joy.Their hope is that the participants of Fun5ks (and anyone who witnesses a Fun5ker in the wild) gets a spark of happiness.
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We hope that each successive event inspires more and more people, friends, groups, and communities to get outside, exercise and experience the FUN of the wonderful outdoor community as a whole.
We also want to utilize this event platform to raise awareness about social causes we care about. For each event,  every generous donation will go directly to a selected charity! Thank you!