Fun 5ks is a monthly, virtual 5k event series with the goal to inspire a connected, global community through joy and the outdoors.
Scroll to the bottom of this page for costume ideas!
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Register for #Marchfun5k

Spreading the Fun:  We are a donation based event series. This means each month all of the registration/donation proceeds from the 5k will go to a selected orgnization.

BEFORE March 19TH ...

  1. Click the button below to register for via Eventbrite. Donate what feels right. (minimum $1)

  2. Find or create a costume related to the theme 

THE WEEK OF March 19TH - 26TH

  1. Run, walk, hop, or crawl a 5k during the week, have FUN

  2. On Instagram, post a photo on your timeline & tag @VFun5ks

  3.  Be sure to use the hashtags #VFun5ks and #MarchFun5k 


AFTER March 19TH...


  1. Cross your fingers to win the raffle :)

  2. Vote on the best costume of the month via @VFun5ks on Instagram  

Why Fun 5ks Was Started

Fun 5ks was launched with the vision to invite a wide audience to participate in fun runs the way they were truly intended: Having lots of FUN! We encourage you to be creative with the monthly theme, your costume, and how you complete your 5k!

Fun 5ks is not about your time, racing, or the results. The goal is simply to encourage you to participate in moving your body through an activity you enjoy, having an opportunity to get creative, and helping to build a virtual community centered on having fun while exercising.

Thank you for your generosity and support!
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