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*Editors Note: This bio was written by a complete stranger to Jeff Garmier. She plagiarized his own words and then added stuff basically based on what he has posted to Instagram, other light internet stalking, and a never-to-be released interview with his roommate, Ted D. Bear (who illegally broke his NDA while conversing with said editor).

Jeff Garmire (trail name Legend) can be described as: casually extreme and extremely fun. He’s also part Tiger.

When you meet him, you’re quickly introduced to his zany and sarcastically humorous personality, as well as his paramount and unparalleled fashion sense. But what often takes people by surprise is the eventual realization of the mental-crushing feats Jeff has accomplished in the outdoor industry.

Jeff is continuously searching for the next adventure that will push his limits physically and mentally. In this pursuit, he has covered over 30,000 trail miles. What’s even more impressive, is that he has done so with an attitude centered on positivity and thoroughly enjoying the present challenge.

Jeff is the author of Free Outside: A Trek Against Time and Distance. In this novel, he chronicles one of his most notable experiences of becoming the fourth person ever to complete the Calendar Year Triple Crown (CYTC) which is thru-hiking all 7,500 miles of the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Continental Divide trail in a single year. (You can purchase his book or audiobook here!)

While Jeff shares captivating details of the grit needed to endure this quest throughout his book, it is his highlight of the reward in hard work and his reminders of the generosity of strangers that sticks with readers.

After completing the novel, a fellow thru-hiker (@chrisvaugnblackwell) perfectly encapsulated what seems to manifest from most readers: belief is contagious. Jeff believes in striving for what others deem as the outrageous or unattainable goals, that everyone can find joy outside, and if you’re not having fun- you’re truly missing out. It’s easy to understand how his book and his ability to inspire others were the main pillars behind the creation of Fun5ks.

Along with the CYTC, Jeff has a wide range of other exalting accomplishments as a pro-endurance athlete. Skim the list below and you’re sure to find some inspiration to venture into the outdoors - but most importantly, have fun while you’re out there!

  • Completed the Pacific Crest Trail (2,650 miles) in under 4 months *high snow year (2011)

  • Hiked the Pacific Northwest Trail (1,250 miles) in 45 days (2014)

  • 2015: Climbed all 58 of the Colorado 14,000′ peaks & Mt. Rainier (2015)

  • 2016: Hiked the Calendar Triple Crown (2016)

  • Completed the Great Western Loop (7,000-mile loop across 9 states in the western U.S.) in under 7 months (2018)

  • Finished Nolans 14 in 59 hours while on the Great Western Loop (2018)

  • Set the new Arizona Trail FKT self-supported FKT (2018)

  • Pinhoti Trail self-supported FKT (2019)

  • Long Trail Unsupported FKT (2019)

  • Set the record climbing the tallest mountain in Costa Rica: Cerro Chirripo (12,533′) (2019)

  • Colorado Trail Unsupported FKT - hiking over 50 miles/day (2020)

  • Wearing Crocs, First in age group at Sweet Pea 5K (2021)

  • Winner, Across the Years - Aravaipa Running Last Person Standing Race - completing 114 consecutive miles. (2022)

  • Currently training for Cocodona 250 (May 2022)

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